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                  Armagh Observatory  Cr: Armagh Observatory

Join us on Saturday November 24 for a day trip to Armagh Planetarium. Experience a show in the Star Theatre and explore the exhibition areas and gift shop. You can also take a stroll around the Astropark, the Human Orrery and take an optional tour of the observatory.

Buses leave from AI Office, Butterly Business Park, Artane, Dublin 5 at at 10am.   Cost is €33 per person covering bus trip and Planetarium show.
Family rates on request. Call 01 8470777
Take a guided tour of the observatory for an extra €10 and enjoy a walk through the Astropark and Human Orrery.

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The attractions include:
Eartharium exhibition area
Hall of Astronomy exhibition area
Star Theatre
Voyager Café
Gift shop



The Astropark, a themed walkway around the grounds of the Planetarium and Observatory, was added in 1995. Visitors exploring the park exhibits can reflect on the size and scale of the Universe as they stroll through the beautiful surroundings.
The star projector has also been replaced many times to exploit the latest advances in visual technology. Today the Planetarium uses a state of the art three-dimensional digital projector called the Digistar II to create the night sky. The theatre also uses digital video and sophisticated all-sky projection techniques to immerse the audience in an amazing visual experience. In the early days, star shows were simple affairs without panoramas or special effect projectors but throughout the years the Planetarium has led the way in embracing new ideas and technology. Indeed, in the 1980's, Armagh Planetarium was the first interactive star theatre in Europe, allowing the audience to influence the direction of the show by using push-buttons attached to their seats. Armagh Planetarium turned the humble star show from a passive event into a truly interactive experience for the whole audience.

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What to see in the Sky
For the latest details of what to see in the sky (from planets to space craft) please call our premium rate Newsline service (new message at least every Monday):
1550-111-442    Republic of Ireland (95c/min)
09001-88-1950    N.Ireland and Great Britain (60p/min)