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This part of the website is for the younger members of Astronomy Ireland. It is filled with action packed news, plenty of facts about astronomy and really fun games. In case you didn't already know astronomy is the study of objects in space, which includes their history, their development and that of the universe as well. To be interested in astronomy, you don't have to know everything to enjoy it's wonderful qualities and you most certainly do not need to be an adult.

This website is for all those kids and teens out there who have already started or who want to become interested in astronomy. Astronomy Ireland is something wonderful for the whole family. Some kids dream of becoming pop stars or actors, but for all those who want to be astronauts or astronomers you have come to the right place. So take a look around and email us to let us know what you think of it - enjoy!

What am I?


  1. I am a constellation
  2. I have two pointer stars named Dubhe and Merak
  3. I have a binary star system. The two stars are Alcar and Mizar
  4. My name means big bear
  5. I am in the northern sky all year round
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  1. I am the closest star from the Earth after the Sun.
  2. My name sounds like approximately century.
  3. Two stars orbit me which have a name like mine and have a letter after it which are a and b.
  4. I am some 4.28 light years away.
  5. I am a red dwarf star and only have an eight of the sun's mass.
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  1. I am an earth like extrasolar planet.
  2. I am 20 light years away from Earth.
  3. I am one and a half times bigger than the Earth.
  4. The star I orbit is named "Gliese 581."
  5. Two others planets orbit my star along with me.
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  1. I am a dwarf planet.
  2. I orbit the Sun in the asteroid belt.
  3. I am 950km across and the biggest body in the asteroid belt.
  4. I was discovered on the 1st of January 1801.
  5. I orbit the Sun every 4.6 years.
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  1. I am a space probe.
  2. I hold the record for being the furthest man made object in space.
  3. I am three times further away from the Sun than Pluto.
  4. There are two of me and I am further then the other.
  5. I shall make my way into interstellar space in ten years time.
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This Week's Star Joke

It is not conclusive yet, but NASA believes the Mars Pathfinder has found proof of life on Mars. The CD player was stolen.


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