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Public Lecture

Communications with Extra-terrestrial Civilisations

By Dr. Eamonn Ansbro, M.Ast, M.Phil, PhD (ABD), FRAS

April 10th 2017
Venue: Physics Building Trinity College Dublin

***After the Public Lecture extremely powerful telescopes will be set up to show the audience the planet Jupiter and the Full Moon up close.***

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Our contact number is 086 06 46 555 during office hours. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused should you have any difficulties.

About the Lecture

Astronomy Ireland member Eamonn Ansbro has been pioneering a new communications technology in pursuit of communications with ET civilisations.
Since last year an international group of SETI scientists are now working with him within a SETI KINGSLAND team based here in Ireland.  This fundamental new approach may help provide our first contact with ET Civilisations. We need to be applying new ways of communicating on a galactic level if we are to make contact, not to be constrained by the speed of light, where we currently use the electromagnetic spectrum such as radio. Eamonn Ansbro is pioneering a new approach in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence or SETI as a worthwhile endeavour for contact because of the recent breakthroughs in communications technology.

Recent biological theories like convergent evolution theory and discoveries of significant number of habitable zone exoplanets within our galaxy, supports the possibility of extra terrestrial civilisations. The possible existence of advanced extra terrestrial civilisations would support recent sociological theories trending towards cooperation and stability. This would be a prerequisite for any expanding ET civilization in their space explorations, possibly using interstellar travel and faster than light communications.

Applying new ways of communications on a galactic level such as using faster than light technologies and wave bands is a likely means of contacting others within our time frame. The presentation will be introducing newly developed technologies and operations as a means of contacting others in real time, this is an important new frontier in communications for SETI . The likelihood of contact is high and the preparations for this outcome is now being developed.

Every SETI scientist has to be optimistic and therefore preparations of post contact protocols are being developed for the outcome of a possible contact event..


About the Lecturer

Eamonn Ansbro has a Masters degree in Astronomy from University of Western Sydney, Australia, and an MPhil and PhD (ABD) degree in Astronomy from the Planetary Space Science Research Institute. (UK) He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a member of the UK SETI Research Network and European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) which is involved in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence in the cosmos. He was recently nominated to membership of the SETI Permanent Committee of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). This is the only agency in the world that has the official remit to inform the United Nations of first contact.


Eamonn Ansbro is Director of Kingsland Observatory and SETI Kingsland in Ireland which is involved in planetary research, SETI and instrumentation. He has made a number of discoveries in astronomy and has a number patents in instrumentation. He has a wide range of published scientific papers and articles in SETI research, planetary science and instrumentation.

SETI Kingsland operates an all sky monitoring communications system to detecting extra-terrestrial intelligent civilisations. The communications system operates outside the electromagnetic spectrum in the longitudinal wave band. This is the only such SETI system in the world.

Kingsland Observatory also carries out surveys for minor planets in the outer Solar System and also designs and develops instrumentation for a wide range of applications in astronomy and terrestrial research.




After the lecture there will be a social reception in The Lombard and we encourage all of you to come along for a chat.
All are welcome to attend and free food will be kindly provided by The Lombard.

Keep up to date on our Facebook and Twitter sites - links on the left.

A prize draw will be held after the lecture.


Booking Information

Date Monday 10th April
Subject to change - please check back later
Time 8:00p.m.

Physics Department , Fitzgerald Building, Trinity College Dublin.
There is an entrance on Lincoln Place (not far from the Merrion Square end of TCD). If you get the DART or bus to Pearse St, or drive. Use the Science Gallery entrance on Pearse Street (near the corner with Westland Row) There are maps here:  Here

Parking: Mark Street , Marks Lane , Lombard St. East .

Free Parking on the above streets after 7pm
Click HERE for a building map of Trinity College campus
Click HERE for Map of area

Admission €10 (€5 Astronomy Ireland members and concessions)
Tickets where possible should be booked in advance. Tickets can also be purchased at the door on the night, please come along 15 minutes early to accommodate.
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Call 086 06 46 555 to book tickets over the phone using Debit/ Credit Card
Send a cheque/ PO/ Draft, made payable to Astronomy Ireland to PO BOX 2888, Dublin 5.


This lecture is also available to people nationwide on DVD.
To order a copy of the DVD simply:
Order by credit/ debit card online
Lecture DVD April 2017
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Call 086 06 46 555
Alternatively post a Cheque or postal order to: Astronomy Ireland, PO. Box 2888, Dublin 5.
Cost: DVD's cost €10 each incl P&P (€5 Astronomy Ireland members)
Book Tickets April 2017
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Lecture DVD April 2017
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Acknowledgment: Astronomy Ireland would like to thank the TCD Astrophysics Research Group for hosting AI public lectures in Trinity College Dublin.

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