Please note that events, lectures etc. are subject to change throughout the year and the following is only intended as a guide.
9 New Year Lecture DCU
   "Challenger and Columbia
by Colm J. Cannon
10 -14   BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2006
12 "The Big Bang
by Dr. Simon Singh.
8pm McNeill Theatre, Hamilton Building TCD.
8 Astronomy Evening Classes DCU
13 Public Lecture DCU
"Newton watches Andromeda with X-ray Eyes"
by Dr. Ulrich Kolb, Open University, U.K.
27 "Solar Eclipses - Past, Present and Future" (a must for anyone thinking of going to Turkey for the Eclipse Trip).  
By David Grennan
13 Public Lecture DCU
"The Hunt for Extrasolar Planets in Globular Clusters"
By Dr. Ray Butler, Dept. Physics, NUI Galway
29 Total eclipse trip to Turkey
Email eclipse@astronomy.ie for brochure


10 Public Lecture DCU
"Star Death: Cosmic Pollution and Cosmic Recycling
By Dr. Brian Espey, Astrophysics and Physics Course Director, 
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.
28/29 Star-B-Q: Food and Fun underneath the Stars HERE
8 Public Lecture DCU
"Archaeoastronomical Discoveries"
by Paul Griffin
12 Public Lecture DCU
"Adaptive Optics"
By Professor Chris Dainty of NUI Galway
10 Public Lecture DCU
"Astronomical imaging with a CCD camera"
by Kevin Sweeney
14 Public Lecture DCU
"Celestial Mechanics
By Patrick Browne BSc. NUI Galway
26 Star-B-Q - 2nd of the Summer Info and Booking
11 Public Lecture TCD (Note venue change)
"Current European Space Exploration
By Dr. David Southwood of ESA
5 Astronomy Evening Classes Trinity College Details here
9 Public Lecture Trinity College
"NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration/ ESA's Aurora Program" 
By Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society
20 Public Lecture Trinity College
"Mathematics, the Stars and Black Holes"
By Dr. Peter Duffy of UCD.
1 8pm Moon Watch, Papal Cross Car Park, Phoenix Park, Dublin
9,10,11,12 Toys 4 Big Boys Exhibition RDS
13 Public Lecture Trinity College
"Blackrock Castle Robotic Observatory" 
by Dr. Niall Smith of CIT
28 Moon and Uranus Watch, Countrywide.
2 Astro - Expo 2006 Ireland's Biggest Astronomy and Space Exhibition
 11    Christmas Lecture Trinity College
"Women in Astronomy"  
By Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Oxford University.
13 Geminids Meteor Shower/Mars Watch Countrywide.
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