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Astronomy Ireland Events 2019

Please see below for for a list of Astronomy Ireland Events Calendar for 2019
Astronomy Ireland tries to make all of its events a national affair as the majority of our members live outside Dublin - something we cherish. So all lectures in Dublin are made available on DVD for everyone in Ireland (you can "BOOK TICKETS" or "ORDER DVD" if you can't get to Dublin).
Similarly the 'Watches' we are famous for running are held in several events around Ireland - if you have a telescope and want to set it up in your area in association with one of our 'Watches' please email
Please check for regular updates on this page.


January 2019

January 14th
New Year Lecture

"Exploring the dark sector of the universe"


by Dr. Ben Elder, Centre for Astronomy & Particle Theory, Nottingham University


January 16th
Christmas Telescope Watch

If you have bought a telescope over Christmas or any other time then this is for you
January 20th

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Visible from anywhere - no physical gathering planned

January 23rd
Our popular Evening Classes start nationwide

Venues: Trinity College Dublin. Other venues TBA

Book early as previous classes have been oversubscribed.

February 2019

February 11th
Public Lecture

March 2019

March 11th
Public Lecture

Mapping the deep:

exploration of the outer Solar System

Dr Michele Bannister, Queen's University Belfast



March 16th
Public Watch


Annual Moon Watch

at the AI Headquarters Blanchardstown



April 2019

April 8th
Public Lecture


"Noctilucent Clouds"

by Ronan Newman (aurora & amateur astronomy expert)


April 13th
Public Watch


Black Hole and Moon Watch

in AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.


May 2019

May 13th
Public Lecture


"Naked Eye Astronomy"

by John Flannery, expert amateur astronomer

June 2019

June 8th
Public Watch


50th Anniversary Moon Landings - Moon Watch

in AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.

June 10th
Public Lectureure


"Gravitational Waves and multi-messenger astronomy"

By Dr. Kate Maguire Trinity College Dublin



June 11th


Our ever popular Evening Classes begin

Enrol Now!!



July 2019

July 8th
Public Lecture


DART and Hera: Moving an Asteroid

by Dr. Alan Fitzsimmons, QUB.



July 16th


Lunar Eclipse Watch

at AI HQ




August 2019

August 12th
Public Lecture
August 12th


The Perseids

Help out by counting what you see!!


August 24th


Star-B-Q ( Apollo 11 Theme for 2019! )

Ireland's Biggest Annual Star Party!

Book early at a reduced rate


September 2019

September 9th
Public Lecture


Recent New Discoveries at the Bru Na Boinne site

by Dr. Steve Davis, School of Archeology, UCD.



September 20th
Public Watch


Saturn Watch

On Culture Night




October 2019

October 1st
October 5th
Public Watch


International Observe the Moon Night

in association with NASA at AI Headquarters



October 14th
Public Lecture


"Live fast and die hard: the evolution and death of massive stars"

Professor Jose Groh, NASA Scientist




November 2019

November 11th
Public Watch


Transit of Mercury

At AI Headquarters




November 11th
Public Lecture

December 2019

December 7th
Moon Watch


Moon Watch

as part of the Apollo 11 Anniversary Celebrations at 7pm in AI HQ



December 9th
Christmas Lecture


The Eddington Eclipse Expeditions

By Professor Peter Coles of Maynooth University




December 14th


Geminid Meteor Shower

December 14th is the expected peak









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