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Past Events

This page contains links to past events organized by Astronomy Ireland recently and in the past:

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  • Christmas Lecture December 8th "Living in the Sun's Atmosphere"
    By well known TV personality Dr. Lucie Green, of Mullard Space Science Laboratory, U.K. and presenter of BBC's 'Stardate' program.

  • December 1st Moon Venus Occultation - images HERE

  • Saturday November 29 WORLD PREMIERE "MARS" HERE

  • Nov. 20th Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Event took place  in the Science Gallery with Bill Cullen and Stephen Attenborough. Pictures and Report HERE

  • November 10th  "Smoking Stars" by Dr Simon Jeffery of Armagh Observatory

  • Saturday November 8th Astro-Expo 2008 Report

  • Astronomy Ireland's David Grennan discovers asteroid - the second discovered from Ireland in just two weeks HERE

  • Catch the Astronomy Ireland Radio Show with Mikey Graham of Boyzone on Tuesday evening 21 October  HERE

  • October 7th New Irish Asteroid discovered by Dave McDonald, in his observatory in Celbridge, Dublin.  HERE

  • Monday October 13  "Searching for stars around other planets from Ireland"    by Greg Hallinan HERE

  • On Wednesday, September 10th, the LHC in CERN was switched on. HERE
  • September 8 Public Lecture "Light Pollution in Ireland" by Albert White of Ilpac
  • Star-B-Q   Saturday August 30th Report and images HERE
  • On the 16 August Astronomy Ireland set up telescopes countrywide to view the partial Lunar Eclipse which was visible all over Europe. 
  • August 11 "The key to understanding the Universe" by Professor Michael Rowan Robinson, President of the Royal Astronomical Society.  Get this amazing Lecture on DVD HERE
  • Perseid Meteor Shower 11th/12th/13th August -Astronomy Ireland is asking everyone to contribute to a scientific count of this years Perseid display. See HERE for details on how YOU can contribute to science.
  • September 8 Public Lecture "Light Pollution in Ireland" by Albert White of Ilpac

  • August 1st Solar Eclipse - REPORT HERE .

  • July 14 Dublin and July 15 Cork "The History of Astronomy" by Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
  • NASA discovers ice on Mars HERE
  • Monday May 26th: Phoenix Lands Safely on Mars!
  • May 16th at 8pm FREE Public Lecture. NASA ASTRONAUT IN LIMERICK
  • 15 May ESA Astronaut Dr. Gerhard Thiele paid a visit to Astronomy Ireland to be interviewed for our Magazine and Radio Show about ESA's search for an Astronaut.  RTE television News dropped in too.  Report and pictures here...
  • 12 May Public Lecture "Engaging youth: An Astronomical Journey in 3D" by Robert Hill of the Northern Ireland Space Office in Armagh Planetarium
  • May 1 Thursday Telescope Night in Phoenix Park, Dublin Pictures and Report ...
  • 15 April Nationwide Public Saturn Watches in various locations throughout Ireland. Report
  • 14 April Public Lecture "Searching for Dark Matter and Mini Black Holes" by Dr. Brian Cox, ex pop group D-ream, University of Manchester and CERN, Geneva
  • March 31: Public Lecture "Adventures with the Hubble Telescope" by Lars Lindberg Christiansen ESA/Hubble.
  • March 29 Earth Hour Telescope Night report...
  • March 12: Moon Watches Nationwide report.... .
  • March 10: Public Lecture - "Shooting the Eclipse with Patrick Moore" by Carl O'Beirnes and David Grennan who were recently on the BBC Sky At Night  programme with Patrick Moore imaging the lunar eclipse .
  • February 21 Total Eclipse of Moon - Last good one until 2015 REPORT
  • February 11: Public Lecture - "LISA - Gravitational Wave Mission" By Dr Harry Ward, Institute for Gravitational Research, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • January 30: Evening Classes
  • January 26: Galway Festival
  • January 23: Nationwide Mars watches ( Report )
  • January 14: Public Lecture - "Interpreting Meteorites: a paradigm shift" By Dr. Ian Sanders, Trinity College Dublin
  • January 10-12: Young Scientists Exhibiton.

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