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Halloween Blue Moon

31st October


Not since 1974 has Ireland had a Full Moon occur on Halloween, nor will there be another one until 2039.
So the Full Moon on October 31st in 2020 is very rare.
It is also the second Full Moon in October 2020 (the first was on October 1st) and these rare 'second Full Moon in the same calendar month' have become popularly known as a "Blue Moon".

Like the saying "once in a Blue Moon" they are quite rare and only occur every 2 or 3 years on average
So Halloween 2020 is very special as it is so rare to have a Full Moon on Halloween, and it is a Blue Moon also.

We want everyone in Ireland to get out and watch it and send us their photos and comments for a major article that will cover the event in the next issue of Astronomy Ireland magazine.
Astronomy Ireland magazine is THE popular level magazine for everyone in Ireland telling you want to see with the naked eye and binoculars every month, and loads more.  
Join thousands of others and order it for your self or as a Christmas/Birthday gift at:

You can also post your photos and comments on our social media (see links to FaceBook and Twitter on menu at the left) but do emailyour best photo, or a written description to:

as social media photos and comments may not necessarily get included in the magazine.

Watch especially at sunset (5pm approx) when the Full "Blue" Moon is rising on the exact opposite side of the sky to the setting Sun, until dawn (7:30am approx) Sunday morning
The rising Moon can 'look big' due to an optical illusion known as the "Moon illusion" and can trick the eye/brain into thinking the Moon is 2 or 3 times bigger than it really is!
Photos can get very creative, with landmarks, buildings, statues etc lined up with the Moon or people appearing to hold the Moon in their hand and in other poses (search "full moon photo ideas" or similar phrases, for ideas and inspiration)
Above all ENJOY the event. And do join Astronomy Ireland along with all your friends and family so we can keep you excited about the universe that created us all and is so amazing and beautiful.

We are the world's most popular astronomy club and we're proud to be Irish.
The only way we could be more proud would be if you would join as a member.

David Moore Editor and Founder

To hear some of the radio interviews we've been doing on national and local radio today see:

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