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Astronomy Ireland is growing rapidly.  We are looking for the best and the brightest to join our team.  We are looking for dynamic, motivated and focused people to work with us to help develop and grow our organisation.  


Astronomy Ireland was founded in 1990 and has become the biggest in the world relative to population. It has thousands of members throughout the 32 counties of Ireland and is always seeking new members. There are lots of events (see the Events page) organised and members receive our monthly magazine (see below). As well as this Astronomy Ireland works hard behind the scenes to promote interest in astronomy and space all around Ireland, liasing with government departments and private industry, and especially the media who we keep constantly informed of the latest news and developments particularly where there is an Irish element. It is a very exciting, busy and thriving environment to be a part of be it as a member or an employee. There are many new and bold initiatives planned for the future

Every month Astronomy Ireland publishes "Astronomy & Space" magazine with a brief to bring the latest news, feature articles and what to see in Irish skies to the general public in Ireland (and the U.K.). It is the single biggest activity of the society all year round and is mainly produced by volunteers but there are employment options, especially as the title and the society grows.



If you are interested in creating the post of CEO of Astronomy Ireland read these draft notes and get in touch:

Take a look at this webpage

Pay particular attention to "Total Income" & "CEO Salary"
In a moment watch David Moore's talk about Astronomy Ireland's past : but more importantly its very bright future.

After 25 years Astronomy Ireland stands on a threshold. After being run by volunteers and mostly raising its own funding, we now want to transform it in to a larger national organisation promoting science in Ireland particularly through the huge interest people have in space.
There are many sources of funding for a well paid CEO and a large staff (20 people +) e.g. Annually there are funds like: - 7 billion EU funding - Irish government funding e.g. SFI (100'S million) - Corporate Sponsorship - National Lottery Funding - Fundraising Events
Astronomy Ireland's annual budget should be 7-digit and see it operating in all 32 counties.
Leaders within Astronomy Ireland know how to access all this funding and we are seeking an individual who is interested in capitalising on this knowledge and  taking the organisation to the next level.
If you are interested in pursuing this project should email us at 
But don't forget to watch the youtube clip above first.

Work Experience

We are always looking for budding astronomers to join us on their work experience to find out exactly what an Astronomy society does! If you require work experience, be it for 1 day, 1 week or 1month do not hesitate to contact us! Send us your CV and dates that you are available to


Do you have a keen interest in Astronomy, are you a beginner or have you been star sear ching for a long time? No matter what your current interest is if you would like to volunteer some time with Astronomy Ireland email us your CV and area of interest to Areas of interest include: Writing for the monthly magazine Volunteering at one of our moon watch events Telescope volunteers Volunteering to write articles from our events I.e. Moon watch reports and our monthly meetings Volunteering at our public lecture meetings, to include directing people to the correct room, helping with the raffle or even clearing up afterwards There is no obligation to become a regular volunteer by expressing your interest









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