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We have kept a copy of nearly all Talks/Lectures given over the years in DCU and Trinity College, as a service to those who were unable to attend for one reason or another . Call us if you would like a copy on 086 06 46 555. For members Euro 5 inc. postage non-members Euro 10.


December 14th “Irishman finds Philae Spacecraft landing site” by Laurence O’Rourke of ESA, Spain.

Geminid Meteor Shower Take part in this years count..

November 16th Public Lecture “How to Photograph a Black Hole” By Andy Briggs, Girona, Spain.

October 2020

October 6th Beginners Astronomy Classes

Enrol Now!!

October 10 Star-B-Q 2020


Ireland’s Biggest Annual Star Party!

Book early at a reduced rate

October 12th Public Lecture

“Exploration of the gas giant planets”

By Dr Caitriona Jackman, DIAS.(Postponed to February 2021 due to Covid crisis)

September 2020

September 14th Public Lecture

“Old Irish and its relevance to Science and Astronomy”

by Professor David Stifter, Maynooth University (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

August 2020

August 10th Public Lecture


By Mike Foylan of Cherryvalley Observatory (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis) 

August 11th Public Watch

The Perseids Meteor Shower

Help us by counting what you see!

July 2020

July 13th Public Lecture


By Laura Murphy, School of Physics, TCD (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

June 2020

June 8th Public Lecture “After Apollo 11 : the Story Continues…?”

By Paul Evans (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

May 2020

 May 11th Public Lecture

“Black Holes: the Cosmic Delete Button?”

By Dr Peter Taylor, Assistant Professor,

Centre for Astrophysics and Relativity, DCU. (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

April 2020

 April 6th Public Lecture

China: space stations, the Moon and Mars.

by Brian Harvey Space Author and Broadcaster. (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

March 2020

March 9th Public Lecture

“Investigating the Atmospheres of Alien Worlds”

By Dr. Ernst DeMooij, Astrophysics Research Centre, QUB. 

March 28th Public Watch

Public Venus and Moon Watch

In AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.

February 2020

February 29th Public Watch

Public Venus Moon Watch

In AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.

February 5 Our popular Evening Classes start nationwide

Venues: Trinity College Dublin. Other venues TBABook early as previous classes have been oversubscribed.

February 10th Public Lecture

“The search for Earth-2 and how on Earth do we get there once we find it”

By Laurence O’Rourke ESA Madrid.

January 2020

January 13th New Year Lecture

Life on Mars(ish)

By Dr. Niamh Shaw, CIT Blackrock Observatory Cork 

January 29th Christmas Telescope Watch

Events 2019

  • Geminids Meteor Shower Peaking on 14th December.
  • “The Eddington Eclipse Expeditions”CHRISTMAS LECTURE December 9th by Prof. Peter Coles
  • Christmas Telescope Moon Watch December 7th at our Headquarters.
  • Transit of Mercury PUBLIC WATCH Nov.11
  • International Observe the Moon Night In association with NASA October 05th
  • Saturn Watch PUBLIC WATCH September 20th
  • Report on this Year’s Star-B-Q Saturday August 24th.
  • “The Perseid Meteor Shower ” Peaking on August 12th. Join in on the count.
  • “Listening to the Underverse: Gravitational Wave Astronomy” August 10th by Andy Briggs, Girona, Spain.
  • Lunar Eclipse Watch Family Fun for all ages in AI HQ July 16
  • DART and Hera: Moving an Asteroid” PUBLIC LECTURE July 8th by Dr. Alan Fitzsimmons, (QUB).
  • “When Black Holes Collide!” PUBLIC LECTURE June 10th by Dr. Kate Maguire(TCD)
  • Black Hole Watch & Moon Watch Saturday May 11th
  • ” NAKED EYE ASTRONOMY ” PUBLIC LECTURE by John Flannery. Monday 13th May TCD
  • Black Hole Watch & Moon Watch Saturday May 11th in our HQ Blanchardstown. All Welcome!
  • Black Hole Watch & Moon Watch April 13th in our HQ Blanchardstown. All Welcome!
  • Photographing a Black hole April 10th EHT set to image a black hole
  • “Clouds at the Edge of Space: An insight to their History, Formation & link to Solar Minimum” by Ronan NewmanMonday April 8th
  • “Project Apollo: To The Moon and Back, Half a Century Ago” 11th February By Paul Evans of the Irish Astronomical Society.
  • Total Eclipse of Moon Jan.21
  • Telescope Workshop and Moon Watch 16th January in AI HQ
  • NEW YEAR PUBLIC LECTURE JAN.14: ” DARK MATTER  &  DARK ENERGY by Dr. Ben Elder (from Centre for Astronomy & Particle Theory, Nottingham University)

Events 2018

  • Christmas Lecture – Mars Insight By Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society 17th December
  • CHRISTMAS COMET WATCH See this amazing sight 14th December – AI Headquarters.
  • Nationwide Geminid Watch Get counting! 13th December
  • International Observe the Moon Night in association with NASA at AI Headquarters October 20th.
  • “A Short History Of Measuring The Heavens From Armagh”by Professor Michael Burton, Armagh Observatory Sept 10.
  • Meteorites and the formation of the Solar System 10th September by Dr Ian Sanders, TCD
  • Star-B-Q 2018 (Mars Festival!) 8th September
  • National Perseid Watch 12th August
  • “Big Data Big Universe” by Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society and the ITT. Monday August 13th.
  • “Building Ireland’s €2million LOFAR Telescope” By Joe McCauley (Project Supervisor). Monday July 9th at 8pm
  • Jupiter Watch See the Great Red Spot and Jupiter’s Moons in our telescopes. All Welcome. 6th July 9:30PM
  • Lunar Eclipse Astronomy Ireland ‘Eclipse’ Magazine and Article Offer
  • There’s something about ALAN: the effect of light at night” June11 By Professor Brian Espey, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.
  • The Magnetism of Low Mass Stars14th May by Yanina Metodieva of Armagh Observatory
  • Venus Watch14th April in AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.
  • “The James Webb Space Telescope & Ireland” Public Lecture & DVD April 9th.
  • Annual Moon Watch Report 24th March. Huge crowd to see the Moon and and a host of other objects!
  • “Extreme space weather: origins, forecasting, and mitigation?” by Dr Sophie A Murray, School of Physics, TCD 12 March..
  • ” The Northern Lights From Ireland ” by Ronan Newman, Monday February 12th
  • Uranus/Moon Watch and Telescope Workshop – January 24
  • Nationwide Geminid Watch December 12th
  • “The Cassini Mission to Saturn: The End of an Era” December 11th By Professor Carl Murray University of London
  • Uranus Watch November 15th in AI HQ Blanchardstown
  • Cork’s Stonehenge explains Stonehenge November 13th By Terence Meaden of Oxford University.
  • Moon Watch Wednesday November 1st 2017
  • Saturn and Moon Watch Sept 26th at 7pm in Astronomy Ireland HQ.
  • Star – B – Q 2017 September 16th Report and images from Ireland’s largest star party
  • September 11 Enbio- Surface Materials for EIRSAT-1, Solar Orbiter and More By Lorcán Byrne of Enbio
  • USA Eclipse Trip 2017 August 19th to August 24th.
  • Solar Eclipse Watch Waterford August 21st in Kingsmeadow, Waterford from 7:30pm
  • Solar Eclipse Watch August 21st in Astronomy Ireland HQ, Dublin 7:30pm
  • Public Lecture ” “There is nothing amateur about Science” By David Grennan of Raheny Observatory August 14th
  • The Perseid Meteor Shower August 12th at its peak
  • Public Lecture “Our Sun, Friend or Foe?” July 10th By Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association
  • “Interactions between exoplanets and their host stars” 8th May, by Dr Aline Vidotto, Astrophysics, TCD.
  • Waterford Jupiter Watch 2nd May in Kingsmeadow
  • Jupiter Watch – 2nd May
  • Stargazing Live Event 28th,29th,30th March
  • Stargazing Live South East Branch in Kingsmeadow Waterford on Tuesday 28th March.
  • Communications with Extra-terrestrial Civilisations By Eamonn Ansbro, M.Ast, M.Phil, PhD (ABD), FRAS of Kingsland Observatory
  • Black Holes and Gamma-Rays March 13th by Dr. Martin Topinka, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.
  • Venus Moon Watch March 6th at Astronomy Ireland Headquarters 7PM
  • Lecture “Sungrazing Comets – Falling Into Hell!” Feb.13th, by Prof Alan Fitzsimmons
  • Lunar Eclipse Watch on Friday February 10th at A.I. Headquarters
  • Mars and Venus Watch on February 1st at AI headquarters
  • January 9th New Year Lecture “Space: a platform to inspire the next generation of Engineers, Scientists and Innovators” by Dr. Norah Patten, International Space University

Events 2016

  • ‘Geminid and Supermoon Watch’ on Tuesday 13th December. Nationwide Meteor Count for all!!
  • Dec 12th “Where next after Rosetta?” By Dr Colin Snodgrass Open University
  • Supermoon Watch November 14th
  • Mayo Science & Technology Festival “The Universe” A presentation by David Moore of Astronomy Ireland
  • Telescope Watch for Science Week Report November 16th at AI Headquarters – Moon, Mars and much more!
  • Supermoon Watch November 14th after Einstein’s Theory of Relativity lecture
  • Einstein’s Theory of Relativity By Dr Cormac O’Raifeartaigh, WIT Nov. 14th
  • Science Week 2016 Astronomy Ireland are running lots of events for Science Week November13th – 20th.
  • “The Cosmic Chemical Cauldron”by Dr. Helen Fraser, Open University Oct. 10th.
  • Saturn’s amazing rings Sept.29 Watch
  • “Blow up a Star and find Dark Energy” September 19th by Dr. Cosimo Inserra
  • “Star-B-Q” – Saturday August 27th
  • Perseid Meteor Shower – Nationwide Watch August 4th to 19th
  • “The World in Eleven Dimensions” 8th August by Professor Michael Duff (Imperial College London).
  • “Neptune, Triton and the Outer Solar System” By Dr Craig Agnor, Queen Mary Univ. London
  • Juno, Jupiter and Mars Watch July 8th at Astronomy Ireland Headquarters
  • The Universe David Moore’s one man show comes to Waterford June 23rd Book Now!
  • National Mars Watch June 18th
  • “The Universe invisible to the naked eye” by Dr. Masha Chernyakova, Russia and Geneva June13th
  • “GIANT IMAGES FROM SPACE” By Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society Monday May 16th
  • Transit of Mercury Public Watch at AI Headquarters Monday May 9th.
  • National Aquarid Watch The 5th May.
  • “Venus Exploration: past, present and future ” April 11th by Dr Colin Wilson, University of Oxford.
  • Public Moon and Jupiter Watch Monday March 21st at AI HQ.
  • “Major Radio Telescope for Ireland”Monday March 14th: By Prof. Peter Gallagher(TCD)
  • David Moore’s One Man Show: “The Universe” February 25th in the Riverbank, Newbridge Co. Kildare.
  • Moon and Jupiter Watch 23rd February
  • David Moore’s One Man Show: “The Universe” Ennis – Thursday Feb. 18th in Glór Theatre
  • Comet, Orion, Uranus and Pleiades Watch January 28th.
  • “The Universe” Public Lecture Tour January 22nd in the Hawkswell Sligo by David Moore, Chairman of Astronomy Ireland.
  • “The Beauty and Science of Nebulae” New Year Lecture on January 18th by Carolin Crawford of University of Cambridge
  • Christmas Telescope Workshop and Uranus and Moon Watch January 15th
  • January 05 ISS Operations and Tim Peake’s Mission by Andrea Boyd ISS Engineer

Events 2015

  • Dec 19th Telescope Watch Uranus and the Moon
  • “Exoplanets and the search for ET” Dec 14th
  • Telescope Watch November 19th
  • Leonid Meteor Shower Nov. 10th-25th
  • Nov. 15th “The Universe!” Lecture by David Moore in Castlebar
  • Report on Moon Watch October 23rd
  • Sept 29th The Town Hall Theatre Galway David Moore Lecture
  • Sept 27/28th Eclipse Watch September
  • Sept 21st ” Rosetta the comet chaser – up close & personal by Laurence O Rourke of ESA “
  • August 15th 2015: Star-B-Q Report
  • 12/13 August The Perseid Meteor Shower
  • July 6 Lecture Comet Samples Brought Back To Earth
  • Report on the Merger of Venus and Jupiter – June 30th
  • Merger of Venus and Jupiter – June 30th
  • Public Sun Show June 20
  • Wednesday May 27th – Telescope Watch Report
  • May 2015 ‘Eclipse Special’
  • May 11th “Einstein and the Big Bang” Dr Cormac O’Raifeartaigh, WIT
  • Thursday April 23rd – Hubble 25th – Moon and Jupiter Watch
  • April 13th “Dark Matter? Dark Energy? – What We Don’t Know About the Universe”by Prof. Andy Shearer NUIG
  • 20th March What next after the Solar Eclipse
  • 20th March Solar Eclipse Report and Images
  • March 9th “Russian Space Science” by Brian Harvey
  • March 3rd Report Jupiter Watch
  • Comet Lovejoy
  • February 9 “Exploring the Realm of the Giants” By Dr. Leigh Fletcher, Oxford
  • January 12 “A surprising Comet” Dr. Pedro Lacerda of the Max Planck Institute.

Events 2014

  • Astro-Expo Sunday December 14th
  • Geminid Metor Shower
  • Moon Watch December 3rd
  • 6th November Moon Watch
  • Black Hole and our Milky Way – Oct. 13 by Dr. John Magorrian (University of Oxford)
  • October 2nd Moon Watch
  • SuperMoon – Sunday Sept. 7th – Tuesday Sept. 9th
  • August 23rd Star-B-Q Report
  • Saturday May 10 Marswatch report

Events 2013

  • 16th November Astro Expo Report
  • 31st August Star-B-Q Report
  • 29th April Lecture “The Gloria Project in a Nutshell” by Professor Lorraine Hanlon, UCD.

Events 2012

  • 14th May “The Science of Armageddon”, By Jay Tate, Spaceguard Centre UK.
  • Mars Watch Report March 29th
  • 13th February “The Mars Science Laboratory” By Kevin Nolan, The Planetary Society.
  • February 1st Jupiter Watch Report
  • 9th January “Searching for Particles at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN” By Professor Peter Watkins, University of Birmingham.

Events 2011

  • 12th December “Why Pluto Is Not A Planet” By Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Discoverer of Pulsars.
  • September 20th Astronomy Ireland Grand Opening
  • 12th September “Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe” By Tom Boles, World Record Supernova Discoverer.
  • 8th August “The Future of Planet Hunting” By Professor Don Pollacco, Queen’s University Belfast
  • 11th July “The Extraordinary Universe; looking at Gamma-rays from Space” By Dr. Mark Lang, Head of School of Physics, NUI Galway
  • May 8th “The Biggest Ever Space Telescope” By Dr. Chris North, BBC’s The Sky at Night
  • 15th April Saturn Watch Report
  • 13th April “The Large Hadron Collider Searching for the God Particle” By Dr. Stephen Myers, CERN, Switzerland.
  • 11th March Moon Watch Report
  • 14th February “Ancient Irish Astronomy: Fact or Fiction?” By Frank Prendergast, DIT & UCD.
  • January 26th Jupiter Watch Report

Events 2010

  • 30th September Jupiter Watch Report
  • 4th September Star-B-Q
  • 9th August “Our Extreme Universe: Ireland’s Role in Gamma-Ray Astronomy” By Dr John Quinn, School of Physics, UCD.
  • 24th July Sun Watch Report
  • 12th July “Saturn and the Cassini-Huygens mission” By Dr. Caitriona Jackman, Space and Atmospheric Physics, Imperial College London.
  • 10th July Saturn Watch
  • 14th June “Black Holes, The LHC & The God Particle” by Dr. Cormac O’Raifeartaigh, Waterford Institute of Technology.
  • 10th May “Studying Winds from Red Giants with HST and FUSE” by Dr Brian Espey, TCD.
  • 22nd April Mars, Moon and Saturn Watch
  • 12th April “Mercury – New Insights”Dr. David Rothery, Open University.
  • 25th March Mars Watch Report
  • 8th March “Behold, Mars!”by Kevin Nolan, DIT
  • 8th February “Living With A Star” Dr Chris Davis, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK)
  • 25th January 400 Years of the Telescope Professor Allan Chapman of Wadham College, Oxford

Events 2009

  • 14th December “ESO: The Biggest Telescopes in the World” by Prof. Tim de Zeeuw, Director-General of the European Southern Observatory
  • 14th November Astro-Expo Report
  • 22 October Galilean Nights Report
  • 8th and 9th October “Cassini: New Views of Saturn” Lecture Report by Prof Carl Murray.
  • 9th September Jupiter Watch Report
  • 14th September “Planets Around Other Stars” Lecture Report, by Dr. Chris Watson, Queen’s University.
  • 10th August “Mad About Meteorites” Lecture Report by Dr. Matthew Parkes of the National Museum
  • 23rd July “Moonshot” by Dan Parry Lecture Report
  • 2-5th April Hundred Hours of Astronomy
  • 28th March Earth Hour Telescope Night Report
  • 15th June “Hanny’s Voorwep” Lecture Report by Hanny Van Arkel
  • 8th June “Irish Asteroids” Lecture Report By David Grennan and David McDonald
  • 20th April “From the Moon to Matroshka” by Professor Denis O Sullivan, UCG
  • 16th March “European Space Science and Exploration : Where Are We Now? By Prof. David Southwood, ESA
  • PUBLIC LECTURE  Feb. 9 “Cosmic Casualties” By Doug Ellison star of BBC’s Sky At Night 
  • Venus and Moon Watches Nationwide – 30 January Report HERE
  • 2 January 2009 “Touchdown on Titan” by Prof John Zarnecki  “Touchdown on Titan” – 
    Almost 300 people came to listen to Prof Zarnecki’s talk on his involvement with Cassini-Huygens. Read the report HERE .

Events 2008

  • Venus and the Moon in Conjunction on New Year’s Eve
    The Moon and Venus will be only 3 degrees apart in the evening sky! .
  • Winter Solstice: 21st December 2008
    Astronomy Ireland ran a Solstice Watch for this celestial event, find out more.
  • 13/14 December Geminid Meteor Shower and our Nationwide Geminid Watch.
  • Christmas Lecture December 8th “Living in the Sun’s Atmosphere”
    By well known TV personality Dr. Lucie Green, of Mullard Space Science Laboratory, U.K. and presenter of BBC’s ‘Stardate’ program.
  • December 1st Moon Venus Occultation – images HERE
  • Saturday November 29 WORLD PREMIERE “MARS” HERE
  • Nov. 20th Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Event took place  in the Science Gallery with Bill Cullen and Stephen Attenborough.
  • November 10th  “Smoking Stars” by Dr Simon Jeffery of Armagh Observatory
  • Saturday November 8th Astro-Expo 2008
  • Astronomy Ireland’s David Grennan discovers asteroid – the second discovered from Ireland in just two weeks
  • Catch the Astronomy Ireland Radio Show with Mikey Graham of Boyzone on Tuesday evening 21 October.
  • October 7th New Irish Asteroid discovered by Dave McDonald, in his observatory in Celbridge, Dublin. 
  • Monday October 13  “Searching for stars around other planets from Ireland”    by Greg Hallinan.
  • On Wednesday, September 10th, the LHC in CERN was switched on.
  • September 8 Public Lecture “Light Pollution in Ireland” by Albert White of Ilpac
  • Star-B-Q   Saturday August 30th Report and images.
  • On the 16 August Astronomy Ireland set up telescopes countrywide to view the partial Lunar Eclipse which was visible all over Europe. 
  • August 11 “The key to understanding the Universe” by Professor Michael Rowan Robinson, President of the Royal Astronomical Society.  Get this amazing Lecture on DVD HERE
  • Perseid Meteor Shower 11th/12th/13th August -Astronomy Ireland is asking everyone to contribute to a scientific count of this years Perseid display.
  • September 8 Public Lecture “Light Pollution in Ireland” by Albert White of Ilpac
  • August 1st Solar Eclipse
  • July 14 Dublin and July 15 Cork “The History of Astronomy” by Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
  • NASA discovers ice on Mars HERE
  • Monday May 26th: Phoenix Lands Safely on Mars!
  • May 16th at 8pm FREE Public Lecture. NASA ASTRONAUT IN LIMERICK
  • 15 May ESA Astronaut Dr. Gerhard Thiele paid a visit to Astronomy Ireland to be interviewed for our Magazine and Radio Show about ESA’s search for an Astronaut.  RTE television News dropped in too.  Report and pictures here…
  • 12 May Public Lecture “Engaging youth: An Astronomical Journey in 3D” by Robert Hill of the Northern Ireland Space Office in Armagh Planetarium 
  • May 1 Thursday Telescope Night in Phoenix Park, Dublin Pictures and Report …
  • 15 April Nationwide Public Saturn Watches in various locations throughout Ireland. Report
  • 14 April Public Lecture “Searching for Dark Matter and Mini Black Holes” by Dr. Brian Cox, ex pop group D-ream, University of Manchester and CERN, Geneva
  • March 31: Public Lecture “Adventures with the Hubble Telescope” by Lars Lindberg Christiansen ESA/Hubble.
  • March 29 Earth Hour Telescope Night report…
  • March 12: Moon Watches Nationwide report…. .
  • March 10: Public Lecture – “Shooting the Eclipse with Patrick Moore” by Carl O’Beirnes and David Grennan who were recently on the BBC Sky At Night  programme with Patrick Moore imaging the lunar eclipse .
  • February 21 Total Eclipse of Moon – Last good one until 2015 REPORT
  • February 11: Public Lecture – “LISA – Gravitational Wave Mission” By Dr Harry Ward, Institute for Gravitational Research, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • January 30: Evening Classes
  • January 26: Galway Festival
  • January 23: Nationwide Mars watches ( Report )
  • January 14: Public Lecture – “Interpreting Meteorites: a paradigm shift” By Dr. Ian Sanders, Trinity College Dublin
  • January 10-12: Young Scientists Exhibiton.

Events 2007 

  • December 14: Nationwide Mars and Geminid Watches.
  • December 10: Public Lecture – “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” By Dr. Tim O’Brien, Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK.
  • 28ú Mí na Samhna “Na réaltaí agus an Spéir san Oíche” le Eamonn O’Fearcháin.
  • November 25: Astro-Expo
  • November 24: Day trip to Armagh Planetarium
  • November 14: Public lecture in Athlone: “The Big Bang” by Dave McCann
  • It is with great sadness and shock that we have learned that Astronomy Ireland’s Space Flight correspondent Colm J. Cannon has passed away here
  • November 13: Nationwide Uranus and Comet Holmes watches REPORT
  • November 12: Public Lecture – “Near Earth Asteroids” By Dr. Neil McBride, Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute, Open University, UK. in association with Discover Science and Engineering.
  • November 5,6,7: Public lecture in Galway, Cork, Dundalk: “The Day the Sun Attacked the Earth” by renowned writer Stuart Clark.
  • C/2007 F 1 Loneos comet HERE
  • October 11: Astronomy Evening Classes
  • October 8: Public Lecture – “Extrasolar Planets and the hunt for life in the Universe” By Dr. Ian Stevens, University of Birmingham, Uk. in association with Discover Science and Engineering.
  • September 10: Public Lecture – “Supernovae – hunting exploding stars” By Professor Stephen Smartt, Queens University, Belfast in association with Discover Science and Engineering
  • September 8: Star-B-Q
  • August 13: Public Lecture – “Building a Universe Byte by Byte” By Prof Brad Gibson, Theoretical Astrophysics, University Central Lancashire
  • July 9: Public Lecture – “The Birth of Stars and Planets” By Dr Emma Whelan of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS)
  • June 11: Public Lecture – “The Heliosphere-Living inside the Sun’s Atmosphere” By Dr. Peter Gallagher, Trinity College Dublin
  • May 14: Public Lecture – “Digital Deep Sky Astrophotography” By Dave Grennan and Jed Glover
  • May 5: Star-B-Q
  • April 24: Astronomy Ireland Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of “The Sky at Night” with Sir Patrick Moore OBE. Report
  • April 16: Public Lecture – “Black holes: observation, theory and geometry” By Dr. Oisin MacConamhna
  • March 12: Public Lecture – “Bang” By Dr. Chris Lintott of BBC’s Sky at Night programme
  • March 3: Nationwide Lunar Eclipse Watch. Details
  • February 12: Public Lecture – “The Universe- A Biography” By Dr. John Gribbin, Sussex University, UK
  • January 31: Beginner’s Astronomy Evening Classes Trinity College
  • January 9-13: BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition
  • January 8: Public Lecture – “Black Holes and White Rabbits” By Professor John Brown, Astronomer Royal for Scotland

Events 2006

  • December 13: Countrywide Geminid Watches
  • December 11: Christmas Lecture, Trinity College, ” Women in Astronomy ” by Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell of Oxford University.
  • December 10: “The Solar System, A Guided Tour” by Colm J. Cannon – 3.00pm in the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre, Phoenix Park
  • December 2: Hundreds attend Astro-Expo 2006 Ireland’s Biggest Astronomy and Space Exhibition which was opened by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Vincent Jackson.
  • November 28: Uranus-Moon Watch and Telescope Show Report
  • November 17: Leonid Meteor Shower to put on an extra special display. Read more
  • November 13: Public Lecture, Schrodinger Theatre, TCD. ” Blackrock Castle Robotic Observatory ” by Dr. Niall Smith of CIT
  • November 9,10,11,12: Stand at Toys 4 Big Boys in the RDS
  • November 1: Hundreds attend Moon and Comet SWAN Watches Nationwide
  • October 20: Public Lecture, Schrodinger Theatre, TCD. As part of Maths Week ” Mathematics, the Stars and Black Holes ” by Dr. Peter Duffy.
  • October 12: Astronomy classes
  • October 9: Public Lecture Trinity College “Mars – our Origin and Destiny” By Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society.
  • September 14: Cork Branch Meeting – Guest Speaker John McCarthy Topic: “Launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis” More
  • September 11: Major Public Lecture, Trinity College, ” Current European Space Exploration “, by Professor David Southwood, Science Director of the European Space Agency.
  • September 7: Partial Lunar Eclipse visible at 7:49pm More
  • August 26: Star-B-Q . Nearly 400 people enjoy Ireland’s greatest gathering of enthusiasts. Report
  • August 14: Public Lecture: “Celestial Mechanics” By Patrick Browne of NUI Galway.
  • August 12/13: Perseid Meteor Shower more info
  • November 19-20: Astro-Expo – Ireland’s biggest FREE Astronomy and Space Exhibition took place in DCU Report
  • November 4 : Mars Watches countrywide; Plus Live webcast in association with Vodafone 3G. Report Here
  • October 3: Nationwide Solar Eclipse Watches Report and see our Eclipse Page for details on how to observe this special event
  • August 26: Star-B-Q . Report
  • August 14: Public Lecture ” Celestial Mechanics “, by Patrick Browne of NUI Galway.
  • July 10: Public Lecture ” Astronomical Imaging with a CCD Camera “, by Kevin Sweeney.
  • July 4: Comet Crash Watch reports Nationwide – Deep Impact
  • June 12: Public Lecture ” Adaptive Optics ” by Professor Chris Dainty of NUI Galway.
  • May 8: Public Lecture ” Archaeoastronomical Discoveries ” by Paul Griffin.
  • April 28: Star-B-Q – 170 people enjoyed a fantastic night in Roundwood with talks, displays, viewing and of course food. Read More
  • April 10: Public lecture – ” Star Death: Cosmic Pollution and Cosmic Recycling
  • March 29: Total Eclipse Trip 2006 Turkey – Incredible, fantastic, emotional!!! – some of the superlatives used for one of the most amazing sights in nature. 
  • March 29: Partial Eclipse of Sun visible from Ireland
  • March 14: Penumbral Eclipse
  • March 13: Public lecture – ” The Hunt for Extrasolar Planets in Globular Clusters “. By Dr. Ray Butler, Dept. Physics, NUI Galway.
  • February 27: ” Solar Eclipses – Past, Present and Future ” (a must for anyone thinking of going to Turkey for the Eclipse Trip ). By David Grennan.
  • February 13: ” Black Holes: Newton watches Andromeda with X-ray eyes ” by Dr. Ulrich Kolb, Open University, U.K.
  • January 12, 13, 14: BT Young Scientists Exhibition in the RDS, visit Astronomy Ireland stand there.
  • January 12: New year lecture: ” The Big Bang ” by Dr. Simon Singh in Trinity College
  • January 9: New year lecture:; ” Challenger and Columbia ” by Colm J. Cannon

Events 2005

  • December 12: Christmas Lecture – ” Cosmology from beginning to end ” by Chris Lintott of the BBC’s “The Sky at Night”
  • November 19-20: Astro-Expo – Ireland’s biggest FREE Astronomy and Space Exhibition took place in DCU
  • November 14: Public Lecture and book signing: ” The Chinese Space Programme by Brian Harvey, Space Author. Hear Brian interviewed on Astronomy Ireland radio show 08/11/05 Here
  • October 10: Public Lecture ” Meteorites and the Origin of the Solar System ” by Dr Ian Sanders of TCD.
  • September 12: Public Lecture, D.C.U. ” Historic Telescopes of Armagh Observatory ” By Dr. John Butler of Armagh Observatory.
  • September 6: As part of the BA’s Festival of Science, Ireland’s best known astronomer David Moore gave a lecture entitled “A Hitchiker’s Guide to the Universe” in the National College of Ireland, IFSC, Mayor Street, Dublin 1.
  • August 8: Public Lecture DCU ” Our Dynamic Sun ” by Dr. Peter T. Gallagher of NASA’s Sun Observatory (SOHO).
  • July 11: Lecture in D.C.U ” Time Travel Illustrated ” by Brian Coleman No DVD
  • May 9: Public lecture ” Looking inside the Stars ” by Dr. Simon Jeffery of Armagh Observatory.
  • June 13: DCU Lecture – Astronomy in ancient Sligo and Meath by Martin Byrne
  • May 7: Star-B-Q under clear skies report
  • April 15: National Moon Watch Day countrywide
  • April 11: ” Albert Einstein – his life and times ” Public lecture in association with Astrosoc and The Institute of Physics in Ireland in The Hub Dublin City University to celebrate Einstein Year 2005.
  • March 14: Public lecture ” Edgeworth Kuiper Belt Objects/Planet X” by Astronomy Ireland’s Eamonn Ansbro of Kingsland Observatory.
  • The 9,000th person to join Astronomy Ireland since it was founded in 1990 was annouced at our March Lecture in D.C.U. Dublin. Thomas Monks from Clonsilla in Dublin has won a weekend in the Meadowlands Hotel Tralee – this charming intimate 4 Star hotel located 5-minute stroll from Tralee centre. This prize is for 2 nights B&B and 1 evening meal for 2 people.
  • Feb 24: Cork Meeting/Lecture featuring new European Astronomical Robotic Observatory being launched for Cork Europe City of Culture 2005.
  • Jan 10: “William Rowan Hamilton (1805–1865), Ireland’s greatest mathematician.” By Dr. Fiacre O’Cairbre, NUI Maynooth
  • Jan 7 & 13: Countrywide Comet watches in support of the Asian Tsunami appeal

Events 2004 

  • DEC. 7: LECTURE “Lord Rosse’s Telescope at Birr Co. Offaly” by Dr Allan Chapman from Oxford University and Channel 4
  • Astro Expo 2004 Report
  • November Lecture Photographing Planets by Damian Peach
  • October Lecture DCU, Search for Novae and Supernovae by Guy Hurst
  • September 13 Public Lecture DCU Mars – life in hostile Environments By Dr. Tom Mason, Armagh Planetarium.
  • August 13 – 400 people at Star-B-Q of August 13 2004
  • August 9 Public Lecture DCU ” Titan Blinks “
  • July 12 Monthly Lecture DCU ” Internet Telescopes “
  • June 8 – Transit of Venus Report
  • May 10 – Transit of Venus DCU Monthly Lecture by Dr. Ed Barnett, Space Encounters
  • May 7 – Close to 200 people at Star-B-Q
  • May 4 – TOTAL ECLIPSE OF MOON. See list of Watches Nation-wide
  • April Lecture ” Ireland In Space Prof. Susan McKenna Lawlor
  • March Lecture ” Heading for Mars ” Dr Stuart Smith, NASA
  • New Year Lecture Prof Southwood ESA

Events 2003 

  • Thousands at Astro-Expo 2003 – report and pictures
  • ESA for Astro-Expo 2003 (Nov. 15 & 16 2003)
  • Lunar Eclipse Watches Nation-wide November 8 2003
  • Best photo of Mars taken from Ireland!
  • An enormous crowd of over 500 people at Star-B-Q August 23! Review and pictures
  • Report on Mars Watches Nation-wide August 27
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