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"Engaging youth: An Astronomical Journey in 3D

by Robert Hill of the Northern Ireland Space Office, Armagh Planetarium, Northern Ireland.

Monday May 12 2008 at 8:00pm                 

 Brilliant public speaker Robert Hill, formerly from the Armagh Planetarium
and now at the N.I. Space Office, will set up an amazing 3-D display for
everyone coming to our next Public Lecture in TCD.  Robert's show promises
to be literally "out of this world" as he shows spacecraft zooming out of
the screen in 3-D and more!

It is well known that astronomy and space science inspires young and old alike and there is much anecdotal evidence to support this. However, changing the preceptions within educational structures and established curricula is a different matter but there is success in the North with Astronomy and Space science thematic units now available for teachers in the science and non-scientific disciplines.
Robert (who will just be returning from his mission with the UNESCO Space Education Team in Tanzania!) will tell us of his journey using astronomy as an educational 'hook' for science and mathematics learning over the years to change the educational landcape in Northern Ireland and beyond!

Robert will also be engaging attendees with the latest in 3D stereoscopic equipment to demonstrate how stereo animation and interaction may change the future of education in classrooms across Ireland over the next ten to twenty years!
Robert Hill is the manager of the Northern Ireland Space Office, based at the world famous Armagh Planetarium. He has spearheaded the campaign to bring astronomy and space science topics to pupils through the newly revised curriculum in the province. He is currently co-ordinating the creation of thematic units with regional government and the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment to align the latest astronomy related resources to accredited and integrated education.

Robert is an educational consultant with the UK Yorkshire based Space Connections group, researching the possibility of creating a European Space Education Resource Office structure in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK.  

In his previous post as Business Manager and Science Communicator for Armagh Planetarium, he designed and created the highly acclaimed exhibition ‘From Earth to the Heavens’ and has worked with several other science centres to help in the realisation of exciting and stimulating European space related exhibitions. During this period he also became the Faulkes Robotic Telescope Project co-ordinator in Ireland and helped bring this resource (in collaboration with the British Council) to Russia and Portugal. He founded the Astrogazers Ireland Astronomy schools network, working with teachers to gain confidence in using astronomy resources for the classroom.

Robert is a member of many EU and Global wide working groups and panels including the EURISY Foundation, Global and European Hands-On Universe Advisory Committee, Astronet Panel E ‘Education, Outreach and Recruitment’ and was a member of the UNESCO Space Education Team mission to Nigeria. He is currently a member of the International Astronomical Union Executive Committee Working Group for International Year of Astronomy 2009.

As well as his duties above, he is also liaising with local government to explore the possibility of using astronomy and space science as a key skills developer for adults returning to education.


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Physics Bldg, Trinity College, Dublin 2. Near the Westland Row or Lincoln Place entrances MAP of Campus Directions and maps: How to get to Trinity College

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          Admission: € 5 (€ 3 members and concessions)

This lecture is also available to members nationwide on DVD, which you can order by credit card online HERE or by calling (01) 847 0777 (alternatively post a cheque or postal order to: May 2008 DVD, Astronomy Ireland, PO. Box 2888, Dublin 5.) As a sample, a low-resolution version will be available FREE on this website. DVDs of this and past lectures are just €5 each (add €5 for P&P for any number of DVDs).

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