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Special offer Lecture DVDs

a selection of some of our best over the years


Brian Cox
Chris Lintott
Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell


Over the years we have had some of the top names from the world of Astronomy and Space travel give talks in Trinity College, DCU and at our Star-B-Q. Choose from the value bundles of 3 DVDs below and we will post out to you.

Bundle 1

14-04-2008 "CERN - searching for Dark Matter and mini Black Holes" by Prof. Brian Cox, of BBC's Wonders of the Universe, Stargazing Live, Wonders of the Solar System, The Planets, Human Universe.

27-08-2011 Star-B-Q "Black Holes and How They Work" By Paul Abel, The Sky at Night.

15-09-2012 Star-B- Q The Night Sky by BBC's "Sky at Night's Pete Lawrence.

Lecture Bundle 1 x 3DVD
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Bundle 2

12-01-2006 "The Big Bang" Simon Singh, famous author of many works inc. Fermat's Last Theorem.

10-12-2007 "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" By Dr. Tim O'Brien, Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK.

31-03-2008 "Adventures with the Hubble Space Telescope" by Lars Lindberg Christensen, Head of Communications ESA/Hubble

Lecture Bundle 2 x 3DVD
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Bundle 3

12-03-2008 "Bang - A Complete History of the Universe" by Chris Lintott of BBC's Sky at Night program

Sept.2008 'The Coming Space Power of China' by renowned space author and Astronomy Ireland Magazine contributor Brian Harvey.

25-01-2010 "400 Years of the Telescope" by Professor Allan Chapman, Wadham College, Oxford.

Lecture Bundle 3 x 3DVD
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Bundle 4

12-12-2011 'Why Pluto isn't a Planet' by Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Oxford University.

11-11-2019 "Addressing the navigation challenges of the Apollo Moon landings:an Irishman's story" By Pat Norris of NASA

11-12-2017 "The Cassini Missionto Saturn: The End of an Era" By Professor Carl Murray, University of London.

Lecture Bundle 4 x 3DVD
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Bundle 5

14-03-2016 "Exploring the low - frequency Universe with LOFAR" By Dr. Peter Gallagher, Physics and Astrophysics, TCD

05-01-2016 "International Space Station Operations and Tim Peake's Principia Mission" by Andrea Boyd, ISS Flight Operations Engineer, Space Applications Services

08-07-2013 "Are We Alone" by Dr Robin Catchpole, Cambridge University.

Lecture Bundle 5 x 3DVD
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