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Christmas Telescope Show (& Moon Watch)

Saturday December 7th at 7:00pm

at A.I. Headquarters

(in Blanchardstown, see map below)


On December 7th we are setting up some of Ireland's most powerful telescopes to show you the Moon.

More importantly this Telescope Show gives you a chance to ask questions about telescopes you may be considering as gifts this Christmas.

It also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo Moon Landing as the Moon will be high in the sky and is always an excellent target for telescopes.

Because this is a TELESCOPE SHOW we do NOT need a clear sky to give you advice or show you how to use your telescope so it goes ahead REGARDLESS OF WEATHER (the 'Moon Watch' will just be a bonus if skies are clear)

In such powerful telescopes you will not only see the craters on the Moon, but the mountains INSIDE the craters! The Moon has to be one of the most breath-taking views in a telescope.

Why not bring all your family and friends as this is a unique chance to look at an incredible object in the kind of large telescopes you may never get to look through again? They'll all enjoy the views, and the talks, and the refreshments!

(Click to enlarge)

The Moon photographed at our Moon Watch in March 2019 by David Moore. A quick 'snap' with a Canon EOS 700D camera through an 8-inch telescope at f/6.3. We'll have an adapter you can clip to your smartphone to take your own Moon photo at the event!


The biggest telescopes in ireland will be there


Neil Armstrong told us he was Irish when we interviewed him for Astronomy Ireland magazine in Dublin in 2003

The event will begin at 7:00pm at our Headquarters in Blanchardstown (just off the M50) For map and directions visit:

The event is suitable for all ages, and we encourage families, children and adults to come along.



Will the event go ahead if it is raining?
YES! We plan our events in advance, therefore if it is raining the event will still go ahead. In the event of rain/cloud cover we will show you our telescopes and serve refreshments, PLUS Ireland's best known astronomer David Moore will give a talk and answer all your questions.

Is the event suitable for children?
We welcome children of all ages to our events. Please note that children MUST be supervised AT ALL TIMES to ensure safety around telescopes and tea/coffee areas.

Do we have to pay?
This is a free event, there is no entrance fee. A small donation is appreciated as we are a non-profit body run by volunteers - or buy a magazine on the night!

If you have questions that are not shown here please contact us at

No tickets or advance booking is needed for this event. But if you are on social media, click the facebook symbol (on the right) and say you're coming - gives us some idea of the crowd size to expect which have varied from 12 to 1200!

While we encourage scout and school groups to come along please call ahead in order to confirm if there are any prior groups arranged to come along. This makes it easier for our volunteers to enable all groups to view these amazing sights.

Click HERE to see a list of other exciting Astronomy Ireland Events coming soon.

telescope at astroshop

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