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Past Lecture DVDs

Over the years we have recorded most of our lectures so copies are available.  For DVDs that are of talks pre- 2016  you will need to call us.  All DVDs are €10 for non- members and €5 for members.

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Past Lecture DVDs

Over the years we have recorded most of our lectures so copies are available.  Please check in the past events the date of the lecture you would like a recording of and enter below.  All DVDs are €10 for non- members and €5 for members.

DVDs can be purchased here online for 2021 back to 2017. If you interested in an earlier talk – check HERE and give us a call at 086 06 46 555

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August 8th "SETI and Adaptive Optics" by Ben McKeon, NUIG, July 18th "James Webb Space Telescope – First Results Update" by Dr Patrick Kavanagh, DIAS, June 30 Asteroid Day " Near Earth Asteroids" by Dr. Carrie Nugent Olin College USA, June 2022 "Planet 9 from Outer Space" by Mike E Brown CALTECH, May 2022 "What has space done for us" by Prof. Martin Barstow, Univ. Leicester, April 2022 "Gravitational Waves: Update" by Andy Briggs, March 2022 "How(on Earth) did Life Begin" by James Fradgley FRAS, February 2022 "There is nothing amateur about Astronomy" by David Grennan, Raheny Observatory, January 2022 "The James Webb: window on the Universe" by Dr. Patrick Kavanagh, DIAS, December 2021 "Stories of the Stars" by Ian Ridpath, November 2021 "Microbes in Space" by Dr Rosa Santomartino, All 3 Star-B-Q Lectures "Black Holes" + “The James Webb Telescope” +"The Universe", October 2021 "Perseverance – Mission to Mars" by George Tahu, Mars 2020 Program Executive, NASA, September 2021 "Life in the Universe: are the Aliens really there" by James Fradgley FRAS, Aug 2021 "What will the next decade of astronomy bring" by Prof. Andy Shearer of NUIG, July 2021 "From de Gaulle to Exomars" by Brian Harvey, June 2021 "Tales of the Solar System" by Meg Schwamb, QUB, May 2021 After Apollo 11 : the Story Continues…By Paul Evans, April 2021 "The best of all worlds: Space Drug Discovery and Drug Development" By Dr. Martin Braddock, March 2021 'First Light: The First Stars in the Universe' By Laura Murphy, February 2021"Exploration of the gas giant planets" By Dr Caitriona Jackman, DIAS., December 2020 "Irishman finds Philae Spacecraft landing site" by Laurence O'Rourke of ESA, Spain., November 2020 "How to Photograph a Black Hole" By Andy Briggs, Spain, March 2020 "Investigating the Atmospheres of Alien Worlds" By Dr. Ernst DeMooij, QUB., February 2020 "The search for Earth-2 and how on Earth do we get there once we find it" By Laurence O'Rourke ESA Madrid, January2020 Life on Mars(ish) By Dr. Niamh Shaw, Blackrock Observatory, December 2019 "The Eddington Eclipse Expeditions" By Professor Peter Coles of Maynooth University, November 2019 "Addressing the navigation challenges of the Apollo Moon landings: an Irishman's story" By Pat Norris, October 2019 "Live fast and die hard: the evolution and death of massive stars" Professor Jose Groh, School of Physics Trinity College Dublin, SBQ "Project Apollo: To The Moon and Back, Half a Century Ago" By Paul Evans, Apollo Expert at the Star-B-Q, "Tips for Naked Eye Astronomy" By John Flannery Star-B-Q, "The Universe" by David Moore at the Star-B-Q, September 2019 "Recent New Discoveries at the Bru Na Boinne site" by Dr. Steve Davis, School of Archeology, UCD, August 2019 "Listening to the Underverse: Gravitational Wave Astronomy" By Andy Briggs, Girona, Spain, July 2019 July 8th "DART and Hera: Moving an Asteroid" by Dr. Alan Fitzsimmons, QUB, June 2019 "Gravitational Waves and multi-messenger astronomy" By Dr. Kate Maguire Trinity College Dublin, May 2019 " NAKED EYE ASTRONOMY " 'The Sky by Eye – How to Rediscover the Soul of Astronomy' By John Flannery IAS, April 2019 "Clouds at the Edge of Space: An insight to their History, Formation & link to Solar Minimum" by Ronan Newman, March 2019 "Mapping the deep: exploration of the outer Solar System" by Dr. Michele Bannister of QUB, February 2019 "Project Apollo: To The Moon and Back, Half a Century Ago"by Paul Evans, January 2019 "Exploring the Dark Sector of the Universe" By Dr. Ben Elder, Centre for Astronomy & Particle Theory, Nottingham University, UK, December 2018 'Walking slowly towards space- getting there my own way' By Dr.Niamh Shaw Artist in Residence, CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, November 2018 "Illustrating the invisible" By Pierre Carril, Science Illustrator, France, October 2018 "A short history of measuring the heavens from Armagh" By Prof. Michael Burton, Armagh Observatory, September 2018 'Meteorites and the formation of the Solar System' by Dr. Ian Sanders, Dept. Geology, TCD, Star-B-Q Lecture "Mars" by Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society, Star-B-Q Lecture "From Ireland to Space – a personal journey to the stars" by Dr. Norah Patten, Star-B-Q Lecture "A Whistlestop Tour of the Universe" by David Moore, Chairman of Astronomy Ireland, August 2018 "Big Data Big Universe " by Kevin Nolan of the Planetary Society and the IT Tallaght, July 2018 Building IE613: The I- Lofar Telescope, By Joe McCauley, Trinity College Dublin, June 2018 "There's something about ALAN: the effect of light at night" By Professor Brian Espey, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, May 2018 "The Magnetism of Low Mass Stars" By Dr Yanina Metodieva of Armagh Observatory, April 2018 "The James Webb Space Telescope" By Dr Patrick Kavanagh, DIAS, March 2018"Extreme space weather: origins, forecasting, and mitigation?" by Dr Sophie Murray, School of Physics, TCD, February 2018 "The Aurora Borealis in Irish History: From Superstition to the Digital Age" By Ronan Newman, January 2018 "Black Holes across Cosmic Time" by Dr. John Regan of Dublin City University, December 2017 "The Cassini Mission to Saturn: The End of an Era" By Professor Carl Murray, University of London, November 2017 "Advances in Archeoastronomy" By Terence Meaden of Oxford University, October 2017 "The Thirty Metre Telescope" By Jimmy Johnson, Star-B-Q "Cassini at Saturn" by Kevin Nolan – Planetary Society, Star-B-Q "The Farthest" – Emer Reynolds and Clare Stronge – Director and Producer 'The Farthest', Star-B-Q "The Universe – David Moore, September 2017 "Enbio- Surface Materials for EirSat 1, Solar Orbiter and More" By Lorcán Byrne of ENBIO, August 2017 "There is nothing amateur about science" By David Grennan of Raheny Observatory, July 2017 "Our Sun, Friend or Foe" by Terry Moseley of the IAA, June 2017 " The Dangers of Landing on a Comet… Twice! " by Laurence O'Rourke (European Space Agency), May 2017 "Interactions between exoplanets and their host stars" By Dr Aline Vidotto, Astrophysics TCD, April 2017 "Communications with Extra-terrestrial Civilisations" By Dr. Eamonn Ansbro, M.Ast, M.Phil, PhD (ABD), FRAS, March 2017 "The puzzle of gamma-ray bursts" By Dr. Martin Topinka, DIAS, February 2017 "Sungrazing Comets – Falling Into Hell" by Professor Alan Fitzsimmons, Queens University Belfast, January 2017 "Space: a platform to inspire the next generation of Engineers, Scientists and Innovators" by Dr. Norah Patten, International Space University

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