“Perseverance – Mission to Mars”

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Presented on ZOOM 7th October at 7pm

DVD available



The amazing Mars Perseverance Rover is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program a long term mission to help answer some of the key questions about the red planet.

It two main objectives are first to search for any signs of past life on the planet and secondly to look for any existing microbial life.  It has a unique drilling  system which will drill into the Martian soil collect and set aside the samples for future collection and analysis.  It also has equipment to produce Oxygen from the Martian atmosphere and to identify subsurface water to help with future missions on Mars.  Perseverance successfully landed on Mars on February 18th.  It has been busy since landing.  Among other things it has sent back more than 75,000 images. Find out all that has happened in this not to be missed lecture …..

ABOUT THE SPEAKERGeorge Tahu Mars 2020 Program Executive, NASA HQ.

He is Program Executive in Planetary Sciences for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

In this role he is responsible for the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission, one of NA SA’s flagship missions. He previously served as acting Deputy Director for the Mars Exploration Program. His previous projects include Robotic Lunar Lander Development, O/OREOS astrobiology cubesat and NASA’s contributions for the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) instrument on the European ExoMars rover for 2022, Mars Express orbiter and Bepi-Columbo mission to Mercury.


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