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Originally presented on ZOOM 10th January at 7pm

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Originally presented on ZOOM 13th December 2021



Every night, a pageant of Greek mythology is enacted among the stars. Perseus flies to the rescue of princess Andromeda, mighty Orion faces the charge of Taurus the bull, the herdsman Boötes chases the Great Bear around the celestial pole, and the god Zeus flies along the Milky Way in the guise of a swan. This talk will recount these famous legends, illustrated by classic works of art, and identify the constellations associated with them. Using images from the world’s most powerful telescopes, we will look in more detail at some of the fabulous objects that modern astronomers have discovered in those same areas of sky, from the birthplaces of stars to black holes and distant galaxies, which tell real-life stories that are every bit as fantastic as the ancient myths.


Ian Ridpath has been a full-time writer, editor, broadcaster, and lecturer on astronomy and space since 1972. Previously he worked for two years at the University of London Observatory and then in publishing. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (Council member 2004–07) and a member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), as well as a member of the Society of Authors and of the Association of British Science Writers. He runs his own desktop publishing system for producing books and magazines. He is currently editor of The Antiquarian Astronomer, the journal of the Society for the History of Astronomy.



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