“What has space done for us”


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Presented on ZOOM 16th May at 7pm



Space programmes are often viewed as an expensive luxury, even for developed nations, and are criticised for swallowing resources that might be better spent on social needs such as hospitals. However, in the 21st century, space is inextricably part of our lives. Exploration has revealed the incredible diversity of the Solar System and helped us understand the fragility of Earth and the risks to our continued survival. Space has also become a platform for communications and other applications, without which we would not be unable to function. This talk will discuss how space exploration has been the inspiration for a thriving global space industry, which delivers important economic returns and looks forward to exciting future exploration missions.




Prof. Martin Barstow   Director of Strategic Partnerships Space Park Leicester –  and is Professor of Astrophysics and Space Science at University of Leicester.

He was previously:

PVC Strategic Science Projects (2016-2019)

Director Leicester Institute of Space & Earth Observation (2016-2019)

PVC, Head of College of Science & Engineering (2009-2016)

President, Royal Astronomical Society (2014-2016)





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