Solar Eclipse October 22

Visible all over Ireland from 11AM-1PM.  

Partial Solar Eclipse Oct25 2022


On Tuesday October 25th a partial solar eclipse will sweep across Europe, west Asia, northeast Africa, and the Middle East on October 25, 2022. The instant of greatest eclipse – when the axis of the moon’s shadow cone passes closest to Earth’s center – takes place at 12:00:16 PM The partial eclipse begins at 09:58:21 AM and ends at 14:02:11 PM.
Maximum eclipse is at 12:00:16 PM when 0.86189 percent of the sun will be eclipsed.

The good news is that from Ireland we get a fairly decent Partial Eclipse of the Sun as it will occur high in the sky.

Given the Irish weather it is important to note that you can see the eclipse from roughly 11am to 1:00pm – that’s over 2 hours. So, especially if the weather forecast on the day is not great, plan to view the whole event in the hope of seeing something if only through a tiny break in the clouds.


Of course it can be highly dangerous to view the Sun and a partially eclipsed Sun is just as dangerous – perhaps more so as people will be drawn to looking at it. NEVER look at the Sun with ANY optical aid (binoculars or telescopes) as permanent eye damage can happen instantly. It is not even safe to look at the Sun with just the naked eye and even several pairs of sunglasses should not be used.

Solar Eclipse from April 2022

We still have a few pairs of eclipse left over from previous eclipses for sale and they are EU certified safe for solar viewing (If you have a pair of eclipse glasses make sure they have the EU certification).

Glasses are €10 + €5 postage.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

You should keep these glasses after the eclipse for viewing giant ‘naked eye’ sunspots that appear from time to time (especially with a new solar maximum on its way). DO NOT look through binoculars or telescopes while wearing eclipse glasses as they give way too bright an image and may even damage the glasses and your eyesight too.

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