Stars In Your Eyes

Irish attraction one of the best locations to stargaze

Each year since the 90’s Astronomy Ireland runs an event in Roundwood called the Star-B-Q. It is a huge gathering of hundreds of people who go to the highest village in Ireland to enjoy our night skies. This year that event will be on 27th August and is open to all.

It is a truly enormous undertaking that involves work by dozens of people and months of forward planning.

On the night of the 27th itself, people can expect lectures by top speakers, lots of demonstrations and workshops, trade and other stands, fun, good food and of course stargazing at one of the best sites in Ireland. The event is suitable for all and is a great family night out. More HERE

Of course this is not all that Astronomy Ireland do. They produce a monthly full-colour magazine, packed full with information, articles and features called Astronomy Ireland Magazine. This goes out to all our members in Ireland and all over the World.

Astronomy Ireland Magazine

Throughout the year they run lectures that are mostly online and so available to all. These lectures have attracted top speakers over the years including Sir Patrick Moore, Professor Brian Cox, Chris Lintott and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell to name but a few.

Brian Cox
Brian Cox

In addition Astronomy Ireland runs classes, formerly in Trinity College Dublin, but now online so that anyone can get involved from the comfort of their own home. These are beginner level classes and suitable for ages 14+. It is hoped to run more advanced level classes later on in the year. More info HERE

One of the live classes.

Astronomy Ireland runs free public watches in Dublin and around the country. The watches can be related to an event that is happening in the night sky ie; meteor or could be just because a night sky object is particularly visible at the time of year. These are great events to meet like minded people and to look through high quality telescopes.

Astronomy Ireland is also involved in promotion, media interviews and general education relating to all things astronomical and space related. You have probably heard David Moore before on TV or Radio HERE

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