Solar Flare


To celebrate massive Sunspot we reported on page 28 in the June edition of Astronomy Ireland Magazine we are setting up powerful telescopes to safely show you, the general public, the Sun on Saturday June 25 at 12 noon!

The Sun has been unusually spotty lately (Click to enlarge)

This is a free event being organised by Astronomy Ireland and booking is not essential, just come along on the day. It is suitable for all the family so bring everyone.

Be warned it is DANGEROUS to look directly at the Sun. It can cause permanent blindness. There will be Special Solar Glasses on sale at the event for a few euro so that you can look at the Sun. There is also a partial solar eclipse next October so these are worth buying.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

The location is the Astronomy Ireland HQ in Blanchardstown, Dublin 11RR62 LOCATION DETAILS HERE

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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