UPDATE: This talk is now available on our youtube channel HERE if you would like to help run any aspect of the society as a volunteer please email admin@astronomy.ie

In the past 25 years Astronomy Ireland has grown to become the world’s most popular astronomy club. Hundreds of volunteers have made this happen. We’ve had TV shows, astronauts, hired 60million euro jet liners, set world records and so much more. Now we are poised to vastly increase t he size and activities of the organisation, with your help.

On August 1 this year, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Astronomy Ireland and we want to mark the 25th year with lots of special initiatives that will catapult the society to even greater heights in the next quarter of the century. We are inviting those of you who may have a few hours to spare to volunteer for Astronomy Ireland, but first we want to briefly tell you a little of the history of Astronomy Ireland (e.g. young members who have gone on to work for NASA, ESA and even Stephen Hawking, and other successes), and then some of the big plans we have already laid for the future. We also want to get your ideas.

TALK / Q&A Our founder and Chairman David Moore will outline all of this in a short talk at a very special public meeting on Monday February 16th in our usual monthly lecture venue in Trinity College Dublin at 8pm. This will be followed by a question and answer session to discuss ideas. See some of the exciting plans below. (map to venue at: www.tcd.ie/Maps/map.php ) and choose ‘F’ for Fitzgerald Building
JUPITER VIEWING As an extra treat, Jupiter will then be shown in a powerful telescope after the event (at approx. 9pm) for those who come along. The weather forecast currently looks good for that evening. At 9:30pm free food will be served in the nearby Lombard Inn where you can meet some of the existing volunteers and discuss astronomy in Ireland further.

EMAIL YOUR IDEAS If you cannot make the meeting you can email suggestions to office@astronomy.ie with “25th Anniversary” in the subject line.

DVD FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT ATTEND About 70% of you live outside Co. Dublin and as we are a 32 county organisation we will record the meeting on DVD and send a copy to anyone who wants to get involved, again email office@astronomy.ie with the same subject line to request this DVD.
PROVISIONAL LIST We want to keep this email short, but here are some of the plans to add to the regular activities of the society (currently these include: monthly lectures on DVD, monthly magazine, Ireland’s biggest star party “Star-B-Q”, Astro-Expo, the annual Norway trip, school lectures, friends email list for aurora and events , evening classes, telescope nights, publicity and media contact, TV and radio interviews, ISS predictions, telescope advice, careers advice, fireball analysis, and more):

NEW IDEAS/EVENT (in no particular order): Canaries trip to see the world’s biggest telescope 2017 trip to USA for total eclipse of the Sun 

Promote total eclipse of Moon September 28 and deep eclipse of Sun March 20

Regular telescope nights for members nationwide

Kerry dark sky reserve annual event (re TV3 interview done in July 2013) astronomy on school curriculum 

Light pollution campaign

Increase membership (by a factor of 10?) highlighting to the public that 60% of Irish GDP is science- based seeking sponsors 

Expand magazine including selling ad’s

Trip to CERN

Trip to NASA 

Trip to Jodrell Bank radio telescope 

Trip to Royal Greenwich Observatory planetarium daytrip to Armagh Planetarium/observatory 

More online competitions (like recent Outer Surface Event) 

Astrophotography workshops telescope use workshop. Restart beginners classes in Irelands major towns and cities advanced evening class. Full e-commerce on our website moving website to new high speed server. 

Intern programme 

Hire staff design new membership form

Revamp all 15 branches and set up new branches around Ireland major public lectures by the world’s most famous speakers 

Produce a book for 25th anniversary – already in preparation apply for grants to fund many of these projects

Winter Solstice event update and keep current www.astronomy.ie/study

Overhaul all administration systems

Overhaul all financial systems

Overhaul publicity system

Silver medal award to be introduced for our Silver Anniversary