Past Events


25th June Sun Show

Free Public Event

In Astronomy Ireland HQ, Blanchardstown.

Monday 13th Public Lecture

“Planet 9 from Outer Space”

By Michael E. Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy, Caltech, California, USA.

Hubble Space Telescope

Monday 16th May Public Lecture

“What has space done for us”

By Professor Martin A Barstow, Astrophysics and Space Science, Leicester University.

Lunar Eclipse

Monday May 16th Lunar Eclipse

Blood Red Moon visible all over Ireland

Lunar Eclipse Magazine Offer HERE

8th April Public Moon Watch 2022

Join us in our Blanchardstown HQ for a great night out!


Monday March 14th Public Lecture

“How (on Earth) did life start”

By James Fradgley MSc FRAS

How did life start on Earth? Who are we?

Monday February 14th Public Lecture

“There is nothing amateur about Astronomy”

by David Grennan, Raheny Observatory

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Wednesday 9th February Public Watch – Moon Near Pleiades

Join us in AI Headquarters for this spectacular event!


“The James Webb; Window on the Universe”

by Dr. Patrick Kavanagh, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

December 13th and 14th

Geminids originate in the constellation Gemini

Geminid Meteor Shower

Stories of the Stars by Ian Ridpath

December 13th Christmas Lecture

“Stories of the Stars”

by Ian Ridpath, writer, broadcaster and lecturer.

November 19

Lunar Eclipse Partial

Great Fun for all!!!


November 8th Public Lecture

“Microbes in Space; how bugs help us understand the Cosmos”

by Dr. Rosa Santomartino, Space Microbiology University of Edinburgh

October 2021

October 30th Star-B-Q 2021


Ireland’s Biggest Annual Star Party! 

Thursday 21st October Orionids Meteor Shower

Nationwide count from your home

Peaking on the night of 21st

October 12th Beginners Astronomy Classes
Join option still open

NASA and Astronomy Ireland

International Observe the Moon Night

October 16th

October 7th “Perseverance – Mission to Mars”

By George Tahu Mars 2020 Program Executive,


The Search for Life!

The most advanced search ever!!

September 2021

September 13th “Life in the Universe-are the aliens really there”

By James Fradgley FRAS

The big question; are we alone?

August 2021

August 11th/12th The Perseids Meteor Shower.

No Moon so should be a good display this year!!

Send us your reports HERE

James Webb Space Telescope

August 9th Public Lecture

What will the next decade in Astronomy bring?

by Professor Andy Shearer of NUIG

July 2021

July 12th Public Lecture

“From de Gaulle to ExoMars: European-Russian cooperation in space”

By Renowned Space Author Brian Harvey

June 2021

June 14 Public Lecture

“Tales of the Solar System”

by Dr. Meg Schwamb, Queens University, Belfast.

June 10th Partial Solar Eclipse

Visible from Ireland Details and Safe Viewing Info

May 2021

May 10th Public Lecture

After Apollo 11 : the Story Continues…

By Paul Evans of the IAA

April 2021

April 12th Public Lecture

“The best of all worlds: Space Drug Discovery and Drug Development”

By Dr. Martin Braddock, Sherwood Observatory, UK

March 2021

March 8th Public Lecture

‘First Light: The First Stars in the Universe’

By Laura Murphy, School of Physics, TCD

February 2021

February 8th Public Lecture

“Exploration of the gas giant planets”

By Dr Caitriona Jackman, DIAS.Lecture will be delivered on ZOOM

January 2021

January 27th Our popular Evening Classes start nationwide

This event will run in line with government guidance at this time, please check back for updates. Book early as previous classes have been oversubscribed. 

January 11th New Year Lecture “EIRSAT-1: Ireland’s first Satelite”

By Lana Salmon and Rachel Dunwoody of C-Space UCD


December 2020

December 14th Christmas Lecture

“Irishman finds Philae Spacecraft landing site”

by Laurence O’Rourke of ESA, Spain.


December 13th Public Watch

Geminid Meteor Shower

Take part in this years count..

November 2020

November 16th Public Lecture

“How to Photograph a Black Hole”

By Andy Briggs, Girona, Spain.

October 2020

October 6th Beginners Astronomy Classes

Enrol Now!!

October 10 Star-B-Q 2020


Ireland’s Biggest Annual Star Party!

Book early at a reduced rate

October 12th Public Lecture

“Exploration of the gas giant planets”

By Dr Caitriona Jackman, DIAS.(Postponed to February 2021 due to Covid crisis)

September 2020

September 14th Public Lecture

“Old Irish and its relevance to Science and Astronomy”

by Professor David Stifter, Maynooth University (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

August 2020

August 10th Public Lecture


By Mike Foylan of Cherryvalley Observatory (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis) 

August 11th Public Watch

The Perseids Meteor Shower

Help us by counting what you see!

July 2020

July 13th Public Lecture


By Laura Murphy, School of Physics, TCD (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

June 2020

June 8th Public Lecture

“After Apollo 11 : the Story Continues…?”

By Paul Evans (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

May 2020

 May 11th Public Lecture

“Black Holes: the Cosmic Delete Button?”

By Dr Peter Taylor, Assistant Professor,

Centre for Astrophysics and Relativity, DCU. (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

April 2020

 April 6th Public Lecture

China: space stations, the Moon and Mars.

by Brian Harvey Space Author and Broadcaster. (Postponed to a later date due to Covid crisis)

March 2020

March 9th Public Lecture

“Investigating the Atmospheres of Alien Worlds”

By Dr. Ernst DeMooij, Astrophysics Research Centre, QUB. 

March 28th Public Watch

Public Venus and Moon Watch

In AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.

February 2020

February 29th Public Watch

Public Venus Moon Watch

In AI Headquarters Blanchardstown.

February 5 Our popular Evening Classes start nationwide

Venues: Trinity College Dublin. Other venues TBABook early as previous classes have been oversubscribed.

February 10th Public Lecture

“The search for Earth-2 and how on Earth do we get there once we find it”

By Laurence O’Rourke ESA Madrid.

January 2020

January 13th New Year Lecture

Life on Mars(ish)

By Dr. Niamh Shaw, CIT Blackrock Observatory Cork 

January 29th Christmas Telescope Watch

Venue: AI HQ in Blanchardstown If you have bought a telescope over Christmas or any other time then this is for you  

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