Supermoon August 2022


by David Moore, Ireland’s best known astronomer! (and editor of our magazine)

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Astronomy Ireland advises everyone to take advantage of the fine weather with clear skies and get out and see the Supermoon over the next three nights.

Known as the Sturgeon Moon, this week’s Full Moon is a Supermoon, larger and brighter than usual. 
Thursday is the best night with the Moon rising 9:34pm but Friday will be just as good with the Moon rising at 9:55pm. Saturday is nearly as good with Moon rising at 10:11pm.

Astronomy Ireland magazine is asking people to send photos or written comments of their observation for publication in a special review of the event, see

“This is the fourth and final Super Moon of 2022. If people in Ireland miss this one, they will have to wait until July next year, and, of course, we cannot guarantee the weather in July next year will be as good as what is forecast for this week!” said David Moore, Editor of Astronomy Ireland Magazine.


There is an optical illusion associated with the Moon rising where it ‘looks’ much larger (2 or 3 times larger some times!) than it actually is. I’ve seen this happen many times. No one is sure why the human eye/brain combination makes the Moon look bigger but it is a powerful and convincing effect.  The SuperMoon is slightly bigger than a normal Full Moon AND add the Moon illusion and it should be very spectacular as it rises.

When the Moon is higher in the sky you won’t see the Moon Illusion effect but it is still the brightest Full Moon you will ever see.


The Moon goes around the Earth is a slightly elliptical (egg-shaped) orbit. At some times it is 15% closer than when at its farthest from us. This causes the Moon to be 30% brighter in the sky compared to when it is at its most distant.


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