Comet Watch and Telescope Workshop

There will be a VERY special telescope night on Jan. 25 at Astronomy Ireland HQ.  We hold this event every January for 2 main reasons;

We invite anyone who got a telescope for Christmas but is having difficulty assembling it or using will be shown by a patient expert how their telescope works!

Also, the telescope event is always exactly one week before our Evening Classes begin in order to promote the fact that they exist and that we want everyone in Ireland to enrol in the classes (you can do this now at Of course we will have our own telescopes there and experts will point them at Jupiter which will be close to the Moon, The Moon, and Mars – so that’s 3 major targets for everyone to see up close even if you do not have a telescope.

In 2023 we are hoping for a special treat, namely Comet ZTF that is expected to be bright enough to be seen with the naked eye for a few weeks at the end of January and into February, high in Irish skies (see the article in the January issue of Astronomy Ireland magazine – if you’re a beginner why not subscribe below)

Wednesday January 25th at 7pm – pop it in your diary/calendar now and don’t miss any of these major sights. Tell your friends too, they will be amazed at what they see courtesy of the world’s most popular astronomy society!

You can book your place online now at