Star B Q 2022

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Listen to David Moore talk all about Star-B-Q on radio this month. LISTEN

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National newspaper The Sun features ASTRONOMY IRELAND and our HUGE Star-B-Q next month!!!


On the night of Star-B-Q gates open at 5pm and the event starts at 6pm!

‘Star-B-Q’ is Ireland’s biggest annual TELESCOPE FESTIVAL for the general public (and Astronomy Ireland’s biggest annual fundraiser).

LARGE TELESCOPES: You will get to see the WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE from the dark skies of Roundwood in Co. Wicklow (MAP), Ireland’s highest village, with some of the most powerful telescopes in Ireland!
(This is an event unique to Ireland, visitors from abroad are welcome too!)

BARBECUE: A professionally catered barbecue will be served up earlier on in the evening. You can enjoy some fantastic barbecued food (vegetarian option available – let us know by saying so in the comments box when you book) with side salads and soft drinks.


GREAT TALKS: There are also TALKS (aimed at the public, no knowledge of science needed).

FAMILY FRIENDLY TELESCOPE FESTIVAL: All ages welcome Something for the whole family! Learn the constellations, get advice on your telescope and take part in our space themed arts and crafts “creation station”.

LOTS TO SEE IN THE HALL: display, trade stands, advice, magazine.

LOTS TO SEE IN VERY DARK SKIES: learn the constellations when pointed out with Ireland’s most powerful hand-held laser (40km beam!), binocular classes (also with the laser.)

Amazing Talks on the night including:

“Rocket Show”

Mark The Science Guy

Theoretical Physicist, TV presenter, Science Communicator and former professional footballer.

“Black Holes”

By Dr. Kendall Ackley, Astronomy and Physics, Warwick University (will be joining us by video link from the UK).

Black Holes are definitely the most weird and fascinating objects in our Universe. They exert such a gravitational pull so great that not even light can escape from them. We can’t actually see inside them but scientists can see that there is a hole in space with lats of swirling matter revolving around the hole before being swallowed up. Their gravitational force is so extreme that they bend space and time. Dr. Ackley will use lots of animations and videos to take us through how these amazing objects work.

“Gravitational Waves and Supermassive Monsters”

By Andy Briggs of Space Oddities, Girona, Spain.

“Andy Briggs, who some of you will have met, will talk to us about our developing knowledge and fascinating world of gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are caused by a single supermassive rapidly spinning object such as a Neutron Star or a Black Hole. Gravitational waves are a ripple in space and will stretch or squeeze anything in their path.

“The Universe”

by David Moore, Chairman of Astronomy Ireland

This is a mini-version of his one-man stage-show “UNIVERSE” that sold out venues and theatres across Ireland in previous years. David Moore is Ireland’s best known astronomer regularly broadcasting on TV and radio. He also edits our monthly magazine “Astronomy Ireland“. He also writes the Sky Diary pages – the best guide to what to see in Irish skies – make sure you pick up a copy every month!

More great talks to be announced….

Exhibitors (those already announced)

Anthony Lynch Photography

Irish Rocketry Society

Astronomy Ireland

The Camera Centre

More to follow….

Photo: Star-B-Qers gather to watch a ‘rocket launch’ that opened a previous Star-B-Q.

Star-B-Q: “The Movie”
A film by Anthony Murphy 2008
A great little fast-paced movie. Highly recommended (only 4 minutes)

On the night:

  • Professionally catered food by a leading caterer (vegetarian option available – let us know by saying so in the comments box when you book)
  • Powerful Telescopes
  • See the Wonders of the Universe!
  • Galaxies – These distant cities of stars have fascinated astronomers since they were first discovered, and can contain trillions of stars.
  • Clusters – Giant groups of young stars and old stars, and some with millions of stars.
  • Dying stars – The glowing embers of giant dead stars dotted throughout the galaxy.
  • Planets – See Saturn (amazing rings!), Jupiter (Great Red Spot AND moons!), Uranus and Neptune this year! Maybe even a comet!
  • Amazing Talks
  • Live Rocket Launch to start the event!
  • Trade stands (telescopes, binoculars, posters, calendars, etc), books, magazines, and more to see in the main hall
  • Art Exhibition ( with a creation station for the kids)
  • Learn the constellations with a night sky guide from Ireland’s most powerful hand-held laser (40km beam!)
  • Binocular masterclass: bring yours, and we’ll show you the secrets of the sky with a special laser show!
  • Advice Stand – questions answered, bring your telescope & we’ll show you how to use it!
  • Raffle prizes!

Full Itinerary

5pm – Gates Open

6:00pm – Introduction by David Moore

6:15pm Rocket Launch


7pm – Mark the Science Guy – and his amazing “Rocket science Show”

8pm – Dr. Kendal Ackley – “Black Holes”

9pm – Andy Briggs –  “Gravitational Waves and Supermassive Monsters”

All talks will be 30 minutes in duration with 30 minutes to ask speakers questions, browse exhibits, get food.

* * * * * * * 

Laser guided tour of the night sky.

* * * * * * *

Live display of drone astrophotography By John Campbell

* * * * * * * 

The Barbecue is open from 5:30pm until 8pm.

* * * * * * * 

Telescopes will be set up in the field beside the hall. 

* * * * * * * 

Trade and exhibition stands are open from 6pm for your perusal.  

* * * * * * *

Formal viewing will end at approx. 11pm but telescope operators are likely to stay on longer if the weather is in our favour and you are welcome to join them

* * * * * * *

Sunset is at 8:27pm

Civil Twilight (Brightest stars visible) is 9:03pm

Nautical Twilight (Constellations visible) is 9:49pm

 Saturn viewing just after Sunset

Jupiter viewing after 10pm

Andromeda galaxy, Great Hercules Cluster, Ring Nebula, Whirlpool Galaxy and the Wild Duck Cluster will all be visible throughout the night and will be the focus of the largest telescopes. 

* * * * * * * 

If cloudy, the telescopes will be brought to the venue again the following Friday or Saturday, we will put a notice up on AND a few extra talks will be given in the main hall.

* * * * * * *

Our people are on hand all day to help you. 

Book your tickets now and share the fun with all your friends!”


ADULT – € 50 

CHILD – € 25

2 ADULTS + 1 CHILD – € 110

2 ADULTS + 2 CHILDREN – € 120 

2 ADULTS + 3 CHILDREN – € 130

2 ADULTS + 4 CHILDREN – € 140




As the event is professionally catered we only have a limited amount of available tickets on the day with late fee of €75

Book early to avoid disappointment!

Call us on 086 06 46 555 for bookings over the phone or email us at for any queries.

PLEASE NOTE: Star-B-Q is mainly a standing event. There will be a few hundred seats for those who wish to sit for the 20 – 30 minute talks.

Please Note: We do not post out tickets. Please bring along your confirmation with you on the night as your E-Ticket.


What happens if the sky's aren't clear?
Star-B-Q 2022 goes ahead regardless of weather on Saturday 27th August 2022. If the sky is overcast on the night, a separate, telescope-only event will be organized for the following weekend (when a clear sky is forecast)
This way we can GUARANTEE you a view of the wonders of the universe! So keep the following weekend(s) free to be certain of a view of the universe that very few people in the world will ever get.
There is no way we are going to let the Irish weather deny you a view of the wonders of the universe and we have always given Star-B-Qers the views we promised every year since 1992, so YOU WILL see the Wonders of the Universe – WE GUARANTEE IT!
The night is packed full of events to ensure that everyone has a great time, and we even have a number of backup talks and presentations planned in case the weather stops us seeing the sky.

Can I bring my dog ?
No unfortunately we only allow assistance dogs.

Can i get a refund if i decide not to show?
Tickets are non refundable.
Who is Star-B-Q for? 
Everybody! No knowledge of science or astronomy is required to attend the event.
It is ideal for beginners, family, budding astronomers and scientists alike! 

When will I receive my ticket? 
There are no tickets! You should receive a confirmation email after you book and this is what we will look for.

What time does it start?
Gates open 5pm and the event itself starts at 6pm.
Is it wheelchair accessible? and are most of the activities conducted indoors or outdoors?
Yes weather permitting. There is a grassy ramp up to the pitch which is suitable for wheelchair use, however, last year it had rained so heavily in the days leading up to the event that it was very muddy. We had one participant in a wheelchair but he was happy enough on the day despite the muddy wheels. Our activities on the day will include both indoor and outdoor activities.
If you plan to book please let us know so we can keep a parking space for you as there are no clearly defined spaces for disabled parking. 
Also, please note that we have a reduced rate for carers who come to assist.  The carers rate is €25. This discount is to recognise the hard work carers do and their commitment to their duties.
Where is it?
Its in the GAA grounds, which are located just a couple of hundred metres outside Roundwood village on the R755.
Eircode A98V2W5

Can I get public transport? 
St. Kevin’s Bus service goes from opposite the Mansion House on Dawson St. to Roundwood. Fares and times are listed on their website.

Can we camp?
Not on the GAA grounds but we recommend Roundwood Caravan and Camping Park if you decide to make a night of it!
Stay with tents, motorhomes, and caravans. Phone or email them at (01) 281 8163 or
Alternatively there are a number of B&Bs in the area.